Filmmakers FAQ

Please note that our "live" festival in Palm Bay was postponed due to covid. (Lost our venue).  Instead, we  presented an online festival which could be enjoyed FREE from January 23-31, 2022 

How will your online festival compare to the live one?                                

An online festival will actually make it possible for more people to see your film, including all of our filmmakers, all of their cast and crew, friends, relatives, and everyone's facebook and social media followers. And everyone can watch the festival FREE. 

What will the festival consist of?
All of our "Official Selections" will be shown, and if we inform you that your film has been selected for the festival, you will be invited to send us a 2-minute video clip introducing yourself and your film.  We will also put together a special show reel that announces our Award Winners. 

What are the awards and how are they delivered?
First Place winning films will receive a trophy by mail.  Winners will also receive an electronic Award Certificate by email, which you can print at home for your entire cast and crew.  Laurels will also be sent by email.

When and where can we watch the festival ?
The entire festival will be available for viewing on this website FREE from January 23-31, 2022 .   The AWARD SHOW is January 25.-31.

How are winning films selected?
We have a panel of five judges who carefully screen each film numerous times. Films are judged on a point system for their technical merits, script development, acting, and entertainment value. Films with the the highest scores become "Official Selections", and are considered for various awards.

Will other festivals reject my film because it has been "online"?               

This festival is not available to the general public. It is a private event with private links.  If you are worried about this in any way, we have given you the opportunity to "opt out" of the online version. If you "opt out", your film will still shown live in Palm Bay (date TBD), and your film will be given equal consideration for various prizes.

Will the festival be available for viewing anywhere after January 29th?    

No.  All viewing links will become disabled, and the films deleted from the servers. Filmmakers retain all rights to their films.

Additional questions?